Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Minecraft is all the rage with boys and grown men. You can find merchandise such as t-shirts, jewelry, candy, and party supplies. 

I have watched my brothers and my husband play this game and I will admit that the graphics drive me nuts....but they seem to enjoy it and find it addicting.

What I have learned is that the game is not extremely user friendly, but you can find tutorials on YouTube. It is an addicting game and very time consuming. The nice thing is that you can play with friends.

With the popularity of this game it is a great way to connect with young people. Libraries are having Minecraft events or clubs for teenagers for them to connect with others their age and to provide a location for them to play and technology to use. 




I have account on both of these networks. I find that Facebook is better for personal information and LinkedIn is better for professional relationships. I am still learning how to best utilize all of LinkedIn's resources and how to use this website to make more professional contacts. Facebook does have pages for IUPUI and other businesses, this allows them to market events and other information very quickly, so at times it can be useful for more than just personal information.

Today is IU Day!!!! 

Wonder By P.J. Palacio

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