Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week Thirteen Prompt - Adults Reading YA

Though this week's group of "genres" all seem very different, they all have in common the fact that many people don't feel that they are legitimate literary choices and libraries shouldn't be spending money on them or promoting them to adults. The common belief is that adults still don't or shouldn't read that stuff. How can we as librarians, work to ensure that we are able to serve adults who enjoy YA literature or graphic novels? Or should we?

I find this a very interesting topic, especially considering I primarily read YA Fiction.

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There is a great article that was featured in The Guardian that also addresses this topic, I highly recommend it. The article also states “A survey in 2012 showed that 55% of YA readers are actually adults”. As I have taken classes for my degree in Library Science I have learned that I am definitely not the only adult that reads this genre and the article coincides with that thought. The article gives many reasons for why this genre is so popular for all ages.

I personally think the Harry Potter series attracted many adults to the genre to begin with, followed by the Hunger Games and Divergent. These stories all feature another world and allow the readers to use their imagination while reading. The storyline in all of these is also one of good vs. evil, a classic.

Image result for ya fictionAnother reason that I believe this genre is more popular is because it doesn’t totally focus on sex or violence. These topics might be referenced or featured but it doesn’t consume the story or go into graphic detail. I believe more attention is given to the characters, story line and world building as a result making it so popular.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with adults reading YA fiction, as long as they are reading. Everyone is entitled to their own preferences and that definitely should include choice of genre. During our studies this semester I have also seen book clubs focused on adults that read YA, and I know I would love to participate in one! Pinterest if full of recommendations for adults that enjoy YA!

Georgina Howlett (Britishbiblioholic). "Why are so many adults reading YA and teen fiction?." the Guardian. 24 Feb. 2015. Web. 9 Apr. 2017.

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